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Create Pod

Create Pod is a podcast about the art of podcasting. Listen to a diverse group of creative podcasters share tips and success stories on Create Pod, recorded at Permanent RCRD in Austin, TX, and produced by The Orchid. Visit for more.

Feb 25, 2020

Matt Cisneros, the founder of Backyard Ventures, joins us to discuss podcast advertising. Matt and his company connect podcasters with advertisers/sponsors to help them monetize their show. Matt’s been helping content creators connect with sponsors for years, and he represents some great shows including The Ross Bolen Podcast and The Daily Stoic. He’s partnered podcasters with sponsors like Quip, Manscaped, Postmates, Felix Grey, Leesa, and Away just to name a few.

We asked Matt tons of questions about sponsorships and ads for podcasts, and he offered some great advice for podcasters at any level looking to land sponsorships or to just make a good show that will attract sponsors. If you want to get in touch with Matt and Backyard Ventures just visit

Every episode of Create Pod is recorded at Permanent RCRD, a podcast studio in Austin, TX. Learn more at

The music heard in this episode is by Black Ant, used under Creative Commons.